Space museum field trip report

On 11th March, 2015, I visited Hong Kong Space Museum with my groupmates. It was Wednesday . We came here at 7pm. As it was a weekday , there were not many museum visitors in the museum,and most of them are tourists.


In the beginning of the museum visiting , we went to the “Hall of Space Science” to visit the “Permanent Exhibition” which exhibited the information of the space , models of the space and some interactive machinery games etc. When I stepped into the hall, there was a part that introduces the ancient astronomical history . After the history of the astronomy, the coming parts are about science theory (science fiction ), the early rockets , the launch vehicles and some machinery games for visitors to experience how to control the space robot replica.


I was stopped by the” Manned Spaceflight “. It is the sixth parts of the permanent exhibition of the Hall of Space Science.If I came to the museum in weekend or in daytime , there would be full of visitors in the museum. The reason of being stopped by the “Manned Spaceflight” this time because there were not many people queued up for the “Manned Spaceflight”. There was only one guy was playing at that time. Therefore, I lined up for experiencing the spaceflight immediately. I always want to take a spaceflight in this area but due to the usual long queue , I could not try it before. Finally , here came the chance. It is a one-sixth gravity device further enables visitors to experience a simulated moon walk. The spaceflight also allows visitors to explore astronauts’ training and historical missions without wearing the heavy space suit. Everyone would have 3 minutes to experience the spaceflight. For me, even it was only 3 minutes of the flight, I already felt it was not that easy to “land” on the moon, though it was very fun and worth to take part in the spaceflight when I did not have to queue for a long time.


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