CMS3 Final Project‏

Project description:

At the beginning of this project, we saw a Japanese artist he made use of soft and variable material to create an art piece “Ah”. This art piece will emitted ‘Ah’ sound by bend,poke,storke,hit, shake and neglect it.

Because of this reason, we decided to create something similar. At the end, we come up an idea of made use of some fast food to created a “Food sound” sensor. When people touch those food, the sensors will emitted the food name, such as if people touch the corn, the sensor will emit “corn” name at the same time. Also , it would have sound of “Aiya” if people put too many pressure on the food sensor.

This project we made use of mushroom, corn, luncheon meat and sausages this cans food to replace those original sensors. During the process we had quite a lot problem about made use of those food as sensors. For a while, we find out the problem is the sensor must include carbohydrate and the material have to stable.

At the end, we still got some problem of linking with processing and speaker, it makes final outcome can’t achieve our goal, the sound of “Aiya”. But we able to turn the pressure to emit the sound of food name.

Picnic 2 Picnic systemDiagram

Arduino code

Processing code

Picnic by

Chan Tsz Kwan 52783780
Tam Wai Kei 52898940
Fung King Him 53035634


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