User’s background research of Taobao


From Taobao’s official Facebook page ,it is a Facebook page particularly for Hong Kong and overseas Facebook users to receive the latest news of Taobao. It states that there are 137380 people have liked the official Facebook page of Taobao. Hong Kong is the biggest group that liked the page. The main age group is 25-34 years old. The blue trend line shows that the number of people who discussing the page has been kept increasing from 28th Jan, 2014 until now. Meanwhile, there are more new people liked the page. It seems it will still grow in the future.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 11.53.18 pm

In Taobao’s official website, there are nearly 500 million registered users and 60 million of them visit Taobao online shopping platform everyday. Not only Taobao has provided a platform for trading products online, but also it has provided other services , for example, group buying , bidding goods and distribution of different goods. From the statement, we can find that online shopping trend is hot nowadays . It has a big and stable amount of consumers  who use Taobao to shop. Mostly the consumers are from China. It seems there is still a room of enlargement of the China’s market ,we can probably developed more further on the Taobao shopping platform, so as to attract more Chinese.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 12.29.57 am

From Taobao’s official website, there are 6 main hottest products categories , which are outfits for women and men, accessories, electronic products, domestic decorations, baby’s goods, outdoor or sports. In this project , we would like to improve Taobao’s online platform, hence, we would like to use the adjusted version Taobao could attract more office ladies in Hong Kong to use the website to shop. Since they are the group that would be more willing to spend money on online shopping , and, they would also have the financial ability to purchase the products in Taobao. Meanwhile, Hong Kong teenagers would also be our target group of our designed Taobao platform or shopping system.

In the coming weeks, we would like to ask people to do the online survey. After we collect the data, we would like to screen the target group (office ladies and teenagers)out . Then , we would design a more comprehensively and more specific online survey which based on the first online survey’s result. The second survey would be the guideline for our final product and aim to design a more user-friendly shopping platform or system for the target group. There would be one more online survey or interview after we finalize our product for further improvement.



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