Title:  Different But Harmonious
Even though everyone is different , we could still get along with each other who is in different background. There is harmony exists in the atmosphere.
In my artwork:
– people are encouraged to participate in (use different painting tools, which according to their selcetion, to paint on the provided canvas ) this project
– participants may interact with the project’s artwork
– let the participants realize how unique they are by creating their own artwork within the project’s installation
– provide chances to communicate with other participants (to the participants)
– want people to feel free to express their thoughts and feelings
Therefore,every stroke on the canvas has its own characteristics,
which is unqiue and different, just like our personality and our dreams.
We are born to be different BUT we can live with harmony with each other.
Since I have to tear off the shaped tape from the painted canvas, the drawing session is set on 10/5- 13/6 and the tearing off session is on 13/6. Then it will last until the end of the exhibition.

Making the canvas:ImageImageImageImage

Artwork set-up:ImageImageImageImageImage

On show:ImageImageImageImage


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