Online Process Diary

Topic: Analogue


  • a person or thing seen as comparable to another:an interior analogue of the exterior world
  • Chemistry a compound with a molecular structure closely similar to that of another:thioacids are sulphur analogues of oxyacids


  • relating to or using signals or information represented by a continuously variable physical quantity such as spatial position, voltage, etc.:analogue signalsthe information on a gramophone record is analogue


Base on “Analogue”, i have drawn some mind maps to see if there is any possible ways to express or develop this topic.


I found some interesting ideas from the mind maps, they are highlighted by different colors in every mind map.

Artwork research related to “analogue”:


“It is a typewriter for the ipad. Users can enjoy the old feeling of typing and also the lastest technology.” quoted from Austin Yang’s website, iTypewrite’s inventor.
“The old school typewriter’s type bar pressed against the paper to type out a letter once the corresponding button for the letter was pressed; similarly on pressing the buttons of the iTypewriter, the type bar strikes the corresponding letters on the iPad keyboard. ” quoted from digitalanalog.

This invention combines the old technology (traditional typewriter)theory and modern digital device (iPad) together so as to let the users recollect the memorable feeling which using the old-school typewriter.It also combines 2 similar / analogous things together as one to form a contemporary product for today’s citizens.Not only that, iPad is an usual device for people to type things nowadays .While adding the old-school typewriter’s theory on the iPad, typing becomes more interesting ,it can also recall the old memory .


Theme: Harmonious but different(和而不同)

Message of the project:
We are different individuals with unique personality and have different dreams who are living in the same place.

Project’s objective:

– the participants are encouraged to participate in this project
– participants may interact with the project’s artwork
– let the participants realize how unique they are

“Dream”, “Mass production”and “Personality” (from my mind maps) are my coming project’s design key element.

Participants are requested to complete a painting . They could use the materials which are supplied in the box. The materials are acrylic paint (in many different colors), tapes, sponges and brushes. They may add fews strokes or big painting on the same canvas,the scale of paint is up to them. Besides, each painting material has its own characteristics and own textures , which are also a metaphor of our unique personality. Color could also reflect their feeling or personality at that moment as color is a way to express feeling Before the end of the exhibition(about 5 days before the end of the show), I would tear off some sticked tapes from the painting (the tapes were sticked at the beginning). The tapes would be in shaped , Harmonious but different. The last product may contains lots of color with a variety of stroke , shapes and also with the project’s theme,Harmonious but different. We may be different but we can get along with others in the same place, like the colors on the painting.

1Original canvas

Basic RGB

Painted Canvas

Basic RGB

After tearing off the tapes, the theme is shown in this way.

Box using:



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