Detour visiting

DeTour in Central Oasis Gallery

Creative Hokkaido
There would be exhibits from the Creative Hokkaido Team, which includes the Mirror Dress by Daisuke Yoshikawa.
IMG_0693 IMG_0698 IMG_0696 IMG_0695 IMG_0694 IMG_0691

Some artworks exhibited  from Creative Hokkaido team

Growing up with Hong Kong
Exhibit 60 crocodile sculptures, designed by celebrities and artists.

IMG_0727 IMG_0721 IMG_0718 IMG_0737

Some crocodile from the invited artise

DMY Berlin
Concept of the exhibition work

Reflecting the creative diversity of Berlin’s unique and vibrant design scene, the hand-picked selection of Berlin Products features a wide range of objects by designers living and working in Berlin. From interior solutions to home accessories, the distinctive items offer new possibilities for modern living spaces.

IMG_0686 IMG_0687 IMG_0688

Artworks from DMY

DMY in the context of Design Renegade
Today, design aspires to shape our everyday life subtly and continuously instead of merely creating luxury products. Expressing these tendencies, DMY showcases innovative design solutions which open up new perspectives. The exhibitions not only focus on the finished products, but also reveal the design processes and concepts which are subject to change. Rather than just presenting design products, DMY serves as a platform for communication, reflection and the future development of design.

About DMY
DMY Berlin is an international platform for contemporary architecture, interior and product design. Introducing novel design solutions at festivals and fairs in Europe, Asia and Latin America, DMY Berlin has built a sustainable, global network since 2003. DMY annually presents the DMY International Design Festival in Berlin showcasing pioneering products by over 700 designers at historic airport Berlin Tempelhof. Serving as a genuine hub for designers, manufacturers and journalists, the festival has grown organically into a key event for contemporary design and is the largest of its kind in Germany.
Furthermore, DMY hosts the official German Design Award‚ ‘Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland’, the country’s most prestigious design award. The prize has been awarded by the Ministry of Economics and Technology since 1969 honouring excellence in product and communication design.

As i was one of the volunteers of DeTour , therefore i could have more time to stay with the artworks there. In the crocodile part, i found every artist has their own style, not like the others. Some of them stand out more such the one made by Graphicairline .


However , i like the one made by Another Mountain Man, the crocodile has a cool matte black and shinny gold teeth .


Creative Hokkaido team’s works are amazing, they are all very exquisite , especially the handcrafts of their work. Lastly, DMY’s works look modern and stunning. Every lamp in there is so sophisticating . Although the shapes of the lamps may be simple, I think they look so special , as they have sharp and strong shape. I think if put them in my home , they definitely can enhance my home’s feeling when they are all in style.

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