Random chance to be one of the participants of JR inside out project in Hong Kong (2012)

In last summer holiday (2012), I was randomly read my friend’s facebook, it said that the French artist JR was going to hold a art event during July . All are welcome to go there and take a photo , and might get a chance to be one of the selected participants who are being to be posted on wall or even in the involved gallery from Sept. 19 to Nov. 10 in Galerie Perrotin.

 IMG_5415 IMG_5406 IMG_5404 IMG_5403 IMG_5399 IMG_5416These are the photos on the shooting day (2012-07-13).Actually, I was quite nervous to go to there as it was my first to join this kind of event .I didn’t know what to do well, such as what did i need to do when i did the photo shooting, or did i need to do some professional posing which the international models do in fashion magazines. Anyway, it is a great opportunity to learn how to shoot in a studio/ gallery with high-tech equipments.

In November, I can finally saw “my own photo” in the gallery. It was because the gallery only showed the eye of the participants , not the whole face. Thus, i have just imagine one the photos on the wall is mine. Beside the exhibition, the visitors could also take a photo and print it out during visiting the gallery. That impressed me a lot, even though i may not be one of the selected one, i could still take my own. The output is pretty big , like A1 size.

IMG_1203my own photo
printThe printer
walkGallery’s sight
bridgeLast but not the least, this is the largest artwork in this art event.
The selected photos placed on top of the bridge which between IFC and the gallery’s buildings.
All the visitors can go to the gallery’s website to get their photos back. What a thoughtful idea!
Screen shot 2012-12-18 at 12.15.25 AM

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