Sol LeWitt

“Generative art refers to any art practice where the artist uses a system, such as a set of natural language rules, a computer program, a machine, or other procedural invention, which is set into motion with some degree of autonomy contributing to or resulting in a completed work of art.” – Philip Galanter, BA, MFA , “What is Generative Art? Complexity Theory as a Context for Art Theory”

%22Four Sided Pyramid%22 (1999)“Four Sided Pyramid” (1999) %22Inverted Six Towers%22 (1987)“Inverted Six Towers” (1987)
%22Splotches%22 (2005)“Splotches” (2005)
09lewitt.xlarge1A view of several of Mr. LeWitt’s wall drawings at the Whitney.

Analysis of Sol LeWitt’s works:
– geometric sculptures
– geometric pattern drawings
– use types of lines, and organized them by guidelines
– reduce art to its essentials, “to recreate art, to start from square one”
– he was focused on systems and concepts — volume, transparency, sequences, variations, stasis, irregularity and so on — which he expressed in words that
might or might not be translated into actual sculptures or photographs or drawings

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