Artist research : Scott Hessels



A sculptor,a media artist and a filmmaker – Scott Hessels

“Scott Hessels is a media artist and independent filmmaker who has released art and commercial projects in several different media including film, video, web, music, broadcast, print, and performance. His films and videos have shown in hundreds of international film and new media festivals, on television, and in contemporary art galleries over the past 20 years. As a media artist, his installations have shown in exhibitions around the world .

He has been experimenting with the cinematic form and his recent artworks have mixed film with sensors, robotics, and alternative forms of interactivity. His current series are types of experimental cinema generating systems–players. He is currently designing cinema players that are powered with sustainable energy sources.” quoted from website of School of Creative Media ,City University of Hong Kong

From Scott’s artworks ,he is a sculptor,a media artist and a filmmaker. He is mostly interested in experimental cinematic form artwork which related to some interactive devices installed in his artworks.

His personal website:


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