Artist research : Michael Snow

International experimental filmmaker – Michael Snow

Internationally acclaimed as an experimental filmmaker, Michael Snow is one of Canada’s most important living artists, distinguished as a highly accomplished musician, visual artist, composer, writer, and sculptor. Dazzling in his ability to switch from one medium to another outside of any predictable sequence, and noted for a multi-disciplinary approach to his work, Snow continually challenges notions of content and form, seeing and representation.

From the mid 1960s on, Snow continued to produce works deceptively simple in form, but extremely complex in terms of ideas. Works in the Gallery’s collection such as Seen (1965),Scope (1967), Blind (1968), Authorization (1969) explored notions of seeing, with and without the camera, making the viewer conscious of the structuring and framing of visual perception. Later works such as Trinities, Triads, Trios(1986), employed holography and show Snow’s creative exploitation of new technologies to pose fresh questions about seeing and representation

“My paintings are done by a filmmaker, sculpture by a musician, films by a painter, music by a filmmaker, paintings by a sculptor, sculpture by a filmmaker, films by a musician, music by a sculptor…sometimes they all work together. Also, many of my paintings have been done by a painter, sculpture by a sculptor, films by a filmmaker, music by a musician. There is a tendency towards purity in all of these media as separate endeavours.”
Michael Snow, 1967

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