Experimental artist Jeff Desom


Luxembourg filmmaker Jeff Desom graduated from the Bournemouth Arts Institute in 2007. His senior project featured the experimental pianist Volker Bertelmann, a.k.a. Hauskchka. “Morgenrot” is an animated short film about a composer who’s plagued by writer’s block. Desom uses the image of a burning piano dropping off a building to serve as a recurring dream of the composer.


The animation is reconfigured from early twentieth century photographs from the vast collection of the Library of Congress and old postcards of New York purchased at a Parisian flea market. The style of the animation illustrates how old Manhattan looked like. To me, all the scenes are fantasy and memory-laden, but the ending of the story did shock me when it seemed to be the climate of the film, it ended suddenly, no conclusion made on the story. Besides, I am quite admire Jeff’s courage to make a short film like this because it is quite “cruel” to destroy a piano in that way. But Jeff did it in a beautiful way.


The plot of the video, Hauschka “The Key”: there was an unaccompanied female without a functioning vehicle, she manages to transport the piano all over some breathtaking landscapes in Luxembourg. Compare with “Morgenrot”’s background music, the music of “The Key” is much more lively and positive which can enhance the film’s story tone. Jeff claimed that his familiarity with the his homeland settings which helped him to get great production value with limited resources. The difference between “Morgenrot” and “The Key” is the story line , it is because “Morgenrot” seems do not have a obvious ending of its story while “The Key ” does. In fact it is quite a little sad story to me that the actress overcome such difficulty and deliver the piano to the destination but she still couldn’t finish her duty , as the hey of the piano left on the car (in the beginning of the story). I played back my memory of the video and tried to find out did i miss some details.


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